Katie VanVliet, Printmaking Sculpture Installation
Nostalgia has changed. Recently discussed in 1800’s medical books, it was a category of disease, describing a ‘vehement desire’ to get home. Symptoms included loss of appetite, restlessness, and feelings of gloom. Today we toss the term around haphazardly, attaching it to cartoons we watched as kids and out-of-date trends. For me, there is a romanticism in embracing contemporary nostalgic triggers; I’m interested in the melancholy of Disney.

About the artist
Katie VanVliet works as a printmaker and sculptor in Philadelphia, PA. She founded BYO Print, a collective studio for printmaking in 2009, to provide an affordable, accessible printshop, with the mission to keep artists printing on their own time within a reasonable budget. Currently, she works at BYO Print, making art or facilitating others to do the same. When she's not at the printshop, she's obsessing over her cute cat and her cute husband, both named Sam, coincidentally.