Katie VanVliet is a sculptor and printmaker from Philadelphia, PA. She founded BYO Print, a collective studio for printmaking in 2009 to provide an affordable, accessible printshop, with a mission to keep artists printing on their own time within a reasonable budget.

In her own studio, she is interested in narrative of all varieties. She draws on found and collected objects that have a story to tell. Aside from unique curiosities, she collects leftovers of routines and rituals, and incorporates them into ongoing bodies of work, most notably, "the pill project." AKA "The Only Reason I'm Still on the Pill is for the Art Project" is an ongoing work started in 2006, collecting inactive and expired pills from women in her community and assembling them into artworks. Most recently, a series of functional color-blindness fields were assembled with the natural colors of the contributed pills.

If you are interested in becoming a contributor to "the pill project," please contact the artist. Single and recurring contributions are equally welcome.