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Corn Maze
Silkscreen on antique graph paper
11” x 14”
Wax Paper
sugar pills, wax medium, pine
relief and collagraph on antique graph paper
Diptych - Tree Tending & Compass
intaglio and collagraph / relief, pen, ink, & acrylic marker on antique graph paper
19” x 24” framed
collagraph, pencil, acrylic marker on antique graph paper
Pigment Book
Hand printed and found papers
Untitled sketch print
relief, collagraph, acrylic on antique graph paper, aluminum
Untitled sketch print
pigment, print, aluminum foil, walnut veneer, acrylic
Origin Point
relief, letterpress, rubber stamp on Pescia
relief and letterpress
House Fire
Woodcut on kozo mounted on panel, intaglio on kozo, beeswax
Big Climb
Relief and collagraph on abaca paper