Artwork > Things That Smell Like Home

Roofing Sampler
Stainless steel razor blades, copper, balsa, rag paper
Carriage House
Reclaimed pine, woodcut on canson edition paper, eggshells, acrylic medium
Purse House
Pine, vinyl, watercolor, cut woodcut
Woodcut on kozo paper, luan, pine
24" x 24" x 25"
A vigil for the victims of the forest fire that destroyed Paradise, California. Each paper bag is dipped in beeswax, and has lit with an electric candle. Each bag is adorned with a silhouette of a simple mid-century ranch home, typical of the town.
Woodcut on kozo, beeswax, paper bags, electric hardware, slate
Samplers, Shingles & Masonry
Woodcut on canson edition paper, Eggshells, acrylic medium mounted on canvas
Eggs, Cups, and Egg Cups
stoneware, beeswax, silverplate, mixed media
Eggs, Cups, and Egg Cups
Ceramic, beeswax, silverplate, plastic, wasps’ nests, slate
10 Milkweed Pods
Plaster, acrylic paint pens, milk, relief on mulberry paper, silverpoint, mounted on antique hardwood
18” x 19”

A collection of sculptures exploring the influence of my grandmother’s dollhouse making hobby on my studio practice.