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MONSTERS! Coloring Book by BYO Print
MONSTERS! Coloring Book by BYO Print
hand-stitched book
8.5" x 11"

The members of my printshop, BYO Print, collaborated in the fall of 2014 to produce an illustrated coloring book to accompany our installation, Blanket Fort! at The Art Dept Gallery in Philadelphia, PA. The members drew their own monsters that you might protect yourself from inside of the fort. The zine features the work of Katie VanVliet, Karen Powers, Chad Lassin, Christiane Moore, Ellyn Womelsdorf, Corey Jameson, Albert Fung, Mike Sgier, and Lisa Imperiale. Christiane Moore drew the covers and bound the book. Sales of the coloring book go into our fund for expanding the facilities we share and offer to other printmakers.